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The Bat That Bit

Yes, I’m the one: the bat that bit,

An act that landed quite a hit,

If I had known what would unfold,

Perhaps I’d not have been so bold.


Since all of you love global travel,

It didn’t take long for life to unravel,

At first the spread felt fairly slow,

But by mid-March was in full flow.

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You fed me with a spoon that day,

For the first time.  A tear in your eye,

Delight at that memorable milestone,

And all those yet to come –

Such as learning to talk and handle a fork.

Then, I’d make that walk to school and see

My world open up in the blink of an eye.

All guided by you, my loving mum.

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Tourist or Terrorist?



I wander in awe around the city,

Those artisan arches and avenues,

Classic sights along the snaking Seine,

Pausing to admire the iconic tower.

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