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I’m Allison Hill. Welcome to my author website!

This website showcases a small selection of my shorter creative writing pieces and introduces the books I’ve published. As well as short stories and poems, you will find articles on a range of subjects, from my wildlife exploits to general observations on daily life.

If you like what you see, please do share as I always welcome new readers.

Short Pieces
  • Our Current Climate

    Our Current Climate

    A poem about climate change, made up of metaphors and clichés.The heat is on, we’re in full flow,Flooded by those gloomy facts,Drowning …Read More »
  • Lots to See in Sri Lanka

    Lots to See in Sri Lanka

    It had never occurred to me to visit Sri Lanka until one of my wildlife watching mates suggested it. Until then, I …Read More »
  • Our Pride of Lionesses

    Our Pride of Lionesses

    A poem inspired by the brilliant performance of the Lionesses at the World Cup Millions of us keenly tuned in, A World …Read More »
  • A Magpie Muses

    A Magpie Muses

    A poem from the point of view of the only magpie living in Shetland  Gannets and guillemots throng in their thousands, Screeching …Read More »
  • Shetland’s Spectacular Birds

    Shetland’s Spectacular Birds

    How to describe Shetland? Remote. Stunning. Beautiful. Peaceful. Extraordinary and well worth a visit. Which is what I recently did.Read More »
  • Face Facts

    Face Facts

    A poem about animal sentience and how we can understand chimpanzees’ facial signals Since we descended from great apes, Their gestures form …Read More »