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I’m Allison Hill. Welcome to my author website!

This website showcases a small selection of my shorter creative writing pieces and introduces the books I’ve published. As well as short stories and poems, you will find articles on a range of subjects, from my wildlife exploits to general observations on daily life.

If you like what you see, please do share as I always welcome new readers.

Short Pieces
  • Our Pride of Lionesses

    Our Pride of Lionesses

    A poem inspired by the brilliant performance of the Lionesses at the World Cup Millions of us keenly tuned in, A World …Read More »
  • A Magpie Muses

    A Magpie Muses

    A poem from the point of view of the only magpie living in Shetland  Gannets and guillemots throng in their thousands, Screeching …Read More »
  • Shetland’s Spectacular Birds

    Shetland’s Spectacular Birds

    How to describe Shetland? Remote. Stunning. Beautiful. Peaceful. Extraordinary and well worth a visit. Which is what I recently did.Read More »
  • Face Facts

    Face Facts

    A poem about animal sentience and how we can understand chimpanzees’ facial signals Since we descended from great apes, Their gestures form …Read More »
  • Memories of Madikwe

    Memories of Madikwe

    After a four-year gap, going on safari again was a real treat. I’m very lucky to have seen the Big Five a …Read More »
  • Crisis, What Crisis?

    Crisis, What Crisis?

    We can learn so much from our great leaders if we pay attention to their words and deeds. I’ve been looking at …Read More »