Brexit: All Words and No Pay

Politicians know how to duck and weave,
Which is how we got to Remain or Leave.
Brexit – our time to ‘take back control’,
Solve all our problems with one simple poll.

The Leave Campaign rather overspent,
The claims on that bus were basically bent,
Fifty two percent won, forty eight lost,
A tiny margin, but at what a huge cost.

Details were blurred, mistakes were made,
We’re still no clearer on Tariffs and Trade,
How to do Backstops, or manage our borders.
And we’re piling up stocks to meet future orders.

Should a Customs Union be part of the Deal?
Would that be Good, or Bad, or simply unreal?
The direction taken by Theresa May,
Is to draw Red Lines and never give way.

The policies lack any comprehension,
As they wriggle about in their Flextension,
‘Seek conditionalities’ as a matter of course,
‘For substantive change’ to the Brexit Divorce.

Can they agree, for the Good of the Nation?
It seems that train has left the station.
This farce has dragged on for nearly three years,
With the media endlessly stoking our fears.

Is it now time for a People’s Vote?
Would that make Corbyn glum, or gloat?
His stance: ‘The option’s still on the table,’
Is barely better than, ‘Strong and stable’.

So, would we dare trust our guardian fools?
Could they run an election and stick to the rules?
Can we stop meddling by secret high techs?
Is democracy doomed? Are we up to our necks?