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The Maasai Mara: Different Views and Well-deserved Reviews

A morning drive in the Maasai Mara. Hard to beat. Yet more wonderful sightings of animals enjoying life in the wild. For most of our time in the Mara we’d been pretty much on our own; just us 4 friends in a jeep with an excellent spotter and guide. Finding us regular sightings. Sometimes even on request. Another leopard, please. No problem.

This day there were a few more jeeps about. Some were rushing along at speed, all going in the same direction. Probably to see a kill. That sense of excitement. Check camera settings ready for action. Continue reading

Behind Those Bars

I’ve recently been to an animal sanctuary in Thailand and a family outing to Dudley Zoo. Comparing the two experiences has been fascinating and once more made me ask what zoos are for.

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The Other Side of Canada

I’d never seen a bear in the wild before, then all in one summer I saw three different types: Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. Mind you, being in the right country did help. Continue reading

Costa Rica for Wonderful Wildlife Watching

Red Eyed Frog Iconic of Costa Rica Costa Rica certainly lives up to its reputation as THE place for conservation. On a recent trip I was delighted to see a fabulous selection of wildlife: monkeys, exotic birds, sloths, frogs, snakes, as well as iguanas and other prehistoric looking reptiles.

And take hundreds of photos – that is, until my camera broke down!

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