Lasting Posts

How much time did we spend online,
Creating our Covid message mine!
Just a few words, so easy to send,
The way to stay in touch with friends.

We quickly learnt how and what to post,
The chatty ones usually said the most.
Shared our thoughts on books and TV,
Did you see last night’s Strictly?!
Uploaded photos, or short video logs,
Of feeding our cats and walking our dogs,
Some even taught themselves to bake,
Cue that pic of a perfect pancake.

We sent warm wishes on all special days,
Marked any achievement with generous praise,
Asked after a lonely mum or dad,
Feared solitude could send them mad.

GIFs were forwarded endless times,
Along with cartoons and raunchy rhymes.
A constant theme was Donald Trump,
That ‘stolen election’ his latest grump.

Phones at the ready, we posted many shots,
From freezing hedges to sun-soaked spots,
Told tales of nature, both far and near,
Finally saw there’s much to hold dear.

Have you heard the latest news?!!!!
Oops… try to avoid contentious views,
Change the subject before it’s too late,
Describe instead what you just ate.

We vowed to exercise every day,
I’m going to go from couch to 5K!
The best was when we could fix a walk,
Be together and have a real talk.

Gleeful reports of getting our jabs,
The prospect of freedom at last up for grabs.
Which did you have? Were you sore?
Do you think a variant might need more?

These posts created a common past,
Formed friendships which are set to last.
And so, we filled this locked-down year,
Challenging Covid and all that fear.